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The Xytex staff was extremely helpful, which allowed me to concentrate on my body instead of the tedious details of shipping and delivery.

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Fertility Options and Long Term Storage

Xytex Tissue Bank provides you with possibilities for your future fertility needs.  Preserving reproductive tissues is one of the most important steps an individual or couple can take to preserve their reproductive future.

Issues such as cancer, vasectomies, work environment, and certain medications may have you thinking about the topic of fertility and any of these situations may affect your fertility.

Having children is an amazing gift.  Sperm and embryo storage requires maintaining a delicate balance of advanced technology and human compassion. Xytex Tissue Services (XTS) combines a personal touch with 38 years of experience in reproductive tissue storage through its parent company,  Xytex International Ltd..

 Embryo & Egg Banking

Save additional embryos and eggs from IVF treatments with our long-term storage program. Clinics store embryos at off-site facilities for many reasons, including liability issues, space limitations and technical expertise. Because tissue storage is the primary focus of XTS, we are fully prepared to deal with these and other issues.  

Learn more about embryo freezing and egg storage.  

Fertility & Cancer Treatment

Discovering that you have cancer can be a life changing and emotional experience. However, it is important to examine your options for preserving fertility before beginning cancer treatments. We encourage you to explore your fertility options. 

Preservation for Military Personnel

Individuals in the military or other high-risk professions should consider preserving their fertility through long-term storage. We offer military personnel one year of free storage and we also wave the admin fee.  Please call for more information.

Pre-Vasectomy/ Major Surgery 

The long-term storage of sperm before a vasectomy is recommended to prevent the need for costly and invasive infertility procedures in the future should you ever decide to have more children.  Please call for more information.

Directed Donor

Already have a donor in mind?  Find out more about our directed donor service.  This service provides you with the means to choose someone you know to donate sperm for insemination. 

Find out more about Directed Donors.  

Do It Yourself (Cryokit)

Cryopreserve sperm from the comfort of your own home. This solution is ideal for military personnel, cancer patients, and other individuals about to receive chemotherapy, radiation, or major surgery.

Learn more about our Cryokit. 



Jun 30, 2013 :: Trudy
I can't believe I've been going for years without knionwg that.

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