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I feel blessed I was able to have such a positive experience. Thanks, Xytex. Keep up the good work.

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Breaking the Barriers to Baby!

Infertility can be a heartbreaking roadblock in life to endure, but not everyone choosing donor insemination is stalled by infertility. When a woman chooses to have a family there should never be a barrier in the way of fulfilling her dreams.

Many women, married, partnered and single are very excited about taking one step closer to fulfilling their dreams by choosing Xytex as their partner in finding the perfect sperm donor. Just as Xytex client service representatives have cried with patients who are suffering, our patient advocates also feel hopeful and excited with the ones who cannot wait for their journey to start.

A past client of Xytex with 2 beautiful children told a Xytex client service representative that, "Picking a Xytex donor was a wonderful experience for my wife and me. We used Xytex because only Xytex let us look at every adult photo and read every expanded donor profile for one subscription fee. I literally read everything on every donor that was available at that time. We picked a guy who stood out from the pack and met all of our criteria."

She further stated, "The whole experience was joyous in every way." This couple and other families like hers are the most important reason that Xytex was founded and continues to exist today.

~ Felicia Grant


Jul 1, 2013 :: Lilian
Extremely helpful atrcile, please write more.

Aug 6, 2011 :: Best fertility center
Yes, IVF and many other fertility options have indeed open up the door for many couples to have a baby.

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