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My experience with the staff has been nothing but helpful, warm, and comforting in trying to make my decision. … Great job!

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Over and Above our Partners' Expectations

Over and Above our Partners' Expectations

As a clinical embryologist I am constantly in awe of families that use third party assisted reproduction. Infertility treatment can be a daunting, stressful journey for all of us that have followed this path to parenthood. But for families that can not conceive without the help of an egg or sperm donor, the journey is that much more fraught with obstacles. Before they can even embark on their journey, they must first find their donor, and before they can do that, they must choose a bank to work with.

Because we are a high volume clinic which works with nearly every reputable bank in the US, it is easy for us to see which ones provide quality services. Xytex is at the top of our list not only because of their sperm donor inventory, but because of their outstanding customer service and laboratory quality. Although most banks guarantee a minimum concentration of sperm in their vials, the main goal is to be successful on this attempt, not simply to get reimbursed when the vials do not yield the guaranteed amount. Although we routinely fill out "complaint" forms for other sperm banks regarding the unacceptability of a thawed sample, we rarely (if ever) need to file one with Xytex. As I said earlier, I can not imagine how complicated it must be for our patients to sit down and choose a sperm donor. Xytex really goes out of their way to make this process as smooth as possible with an outstanding website, excellent customer service and innovative options that allow the family to "get to know" their donor while still protecting the donor's anonymity. We have also had families that have used Xytex' services for directed sperm donation and were again very impressed with their commitment to quality.

We do not hesitate to recommend Xytex to our patients and we are very grateful to have partners in the industry who are just as committed to serving the public as we are.

Jennifer Jenkins, M.S.
Clinical Embryologist
Embryology Laboratory Manager
Reproductive Specialists of New York

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