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My experience with the staff has been nothing but helpful, warm, and comforting in trying to make my decision. … Great job!

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Xytex Mom Speaks Up

Xytex is a sperm bank that has IUI, ICI and ART semen samples. Xytex has a pretty extensive online catalogue of donors, many of which are identity release and have pictures.

[Xytex works] in conjunction with your doctor and sends the vials to them for the actual insemination process.

Good luck on your journey! Xytex gave us two absolutely wonderful sons through their donor services!

-Janell Kosmala,
Xytex Mom

Xytex always wants to hear your voice. Feel free to contact us anytime or join and post to our Xytex Community at Facebook day or night.


Jun 30, 2013 :: Paula
This shows real exstpeire. Thanks for the answer.

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