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Are You Considering a Vasectomy?

So, you are meeting your very pregnant wife and toddler at the local café for lunch. You know, the one with the section where you can plug in your computer and study, work, or have a quick business meeting? Your daughter is already in preschool and your wife is headed there to pick her up after lunch.

Your son has recently been doing funny things and declaring them “FUNNY MOM!” or “FUNNY DAD!!” Mostly, whatever he is doing is hysterical and genuinely funny which is how he robably picked up the phrase. Every time he does something cute you tell him “you’re so funny!”


Back to lunch. You arrive at the café to find your wife chasing your shoeless and shirtless toddler in circles around the “study” area of the café. She is sternly telling him “This is NOT funny!” while he keeps declaring “FUNNY MOM!” and running as fast as he can. The busy bees trying to work and study are hiding their chuckles behind their hands and seem quite entertained.

While this story may crack you up and make you laugh out loud...as I was inclined to do, but didn’t at the time…this is what led to my wife and I having the “the talk”.

What talk is this? The no-more-kids-after-this-baby-we-have-our-hands-full talk. Ohhhh…that talk. Okay, you may see where she’s coming from and begin to look into different options for sterilization. Sterilization…that word seems so final! And it is. You will probably discover in your research that tubal ligation for your wife is a lot more expensive and invasive than a vasectomy for you, which is what your wife is pushing for.

You come to the agreement that you are going to have a vasectomy and schedule your procedure. Now, before you do anything else, have you thought about semen storage? Why would you choose semen storage if you have made a decision with your wife not to have any more children? That’s a good question. The answer is: What if?

What if we change our minds later and we want more kids?

What if the thought of never being able to make a baby again is too much for you?

What if you’re widowed and in the future, your partner wants children?

What if you…dare we say it…get divorced and remarried in the future?

While many of these scenarios are not very pleasant to think about right now, you can at least be prepared in the event something does come up. Vasectomy reversals can be costly and are not always effective. Semen storage will be available long term.

Semen storage is simple and affordable. Typically, you plan to store three samples and collection will be over the course of a week. Once completed and your semen is safely stored away, you can move forward with your vasectomy.

While most storage facilities do not have the capability for long term storage, Xytex Tissue Storage offers long term storage for as long as you need. Take a moment to plan a head one more step because you never know what the future holds!

For more information on semen storage, visit: http://www.xytextissues.com/semen-storage/




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