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Is Egg Banking Right For You?

An article was published by CBS New York yesterday about women who are choosing to freeze their eggs (egg banking) for future use. It’s an interesting option that is gaining popularity as women wait longer to get married and start their families.


There are a multitude of scenarios that could cause a woman to choose egg banking.

Some young women in college are focused on their studies and future careers and don’t plan on settling down until later in life. If they aren’t planning to start a family during their most fertile years, it makes sense to plan a little for her future and store some healthy eggs. Then, when the timing is right, she can attempt to get pregnant with her safely preserved eggs.

There may be other situations, like in the CBS article, where a long-term relationship ends before a family is made. The woman needs time to heal, maybe get her life back on track and focused on her. She may not plan to get back into a serious relationship for a period of time, but wants to plan ahead for the chance to have a family when she does meet the right partner. Egg banking is a great option for her. This certainly would take the pressure off of the need to race against the biological clock!

Another scenario is a bit more serious. What if you find out you have cancer? Cancer treatments can cause damage to the delicate reproductive tissues. A cancer diagnosis is devastating and learning that treatment to cure you may cause you to be infertile is like pouring salt in the wound. What do you do? What if you are young? Are your hopes of having a family ruined? This probably won’t be your first thought since your head will be swirling with all of your treatment options and what you are going to have to endure to get well. You do, however, have a chance at preserving your fertility. Egg banking and advances in medical and reproductive technology are opening doors for women. Freezing your eggs and maybe even some ovarian tissue before treatment can give you a good chance at having your own family one day. It will also be one less thing for you to worry about while you are focusing on getting well.

Xytex Tissue Storage has over 38 years of experience with cryopreservation and storage of reproductive tissues. Our warm and courteous staff take pride in what they do, your future is safe with us!

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