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I feel blessed I was able to have such a positive experience. Thanks, Xytex. Keep up the good work.

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photo of xytex sperm bank office in atlantaIncorporated in 1975, Xytex Corporation has become a global provider of human semen to healthcare professionals and their patients. Xytex helps persons select a medically qualified donor from a diversified panel, and also processes and ships this semen worldwide. Xytex professionals are real people eager to help each client achieve realistic family goals through excellent semen and confidential, personal counseling.

The Xytex panel of medically qualified anonymous donors and Identity Disclosure donors share with recipients a plethora of information. Routinely this information includes health assessment, social profile, and genetic history over four generations (when available). Many donors, while remaining anonymous, provide the recipient with their photograph as a child and also as an adult. Some donors also agree to provide identifying information to their offspring attaining the age of 18 years.

Xytex strives to maximize confidentiality through professional training and physical security. Confidentiality of patients, their offspring and of sperm donors is a core value of Xytex personnel. Technically, semen offered by Xytex meets or exceeds all required standards. Xytex provides at least 25 million motile sperm per milliliter to be inseminated, the highest of any sperm bank. It screens and tests for infectious and genetic diseases as required by government authorities. Xytex is a qualified clinical diagnostic laboratory.

Xytex quality derives from its personnel. Internationally renowned IVF and reproductive medicine innovator, Dr. Michael Tucker is CEO of Xytex Cryo International, LTD while J. Todd Spradlin M.D. directs the clinical activities of Xytex, backed-up by an international medical advisory board. Xytex activities are conducted under the legal authority of the United States federal government and also the governments of California, Georgia, Maryland and New York. Xytex has the additional responsibility of complying with the legal expectations of the locality of each recipient. Furthermore, Xytex (Atlanta and Augusta) is certified and is in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.