Medical Advisory Board

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All contact made with your staff was so easy and stress-free; a real blessing during a difficult time.

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Renee Martin, PhD
Clinical Geneticist · Calgary, Canada

Julies Ribes, MD, PhD
Clinical Pathologist/Hematology/Infectious Disease, University of Kentucky · Lexington, Kentucky

J. Todd Spradlin, MD
Chief Medical & Laboratory Director, Xytex Cryo International, LTD · Atlanta, Georgia

Michael Tucker, PhD
Scientific Director, Georgia Reproductive Specialists · Atlanta, Georgia
Director, IVF & Embryology Labs, Shady Grove Fertility · Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, DC
Scientific Consultant, Xytex Cryo International, LTD · Atlanta, Georgia

Albert Yuzpe, MD
Reproductive Endocrinologist · Vancouver, Canada