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become a sperm donor with xytex

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Sheridan was fantastic. We had a small window to ship my order and she gladly rang me in Australia to help me process the order. Very happy with the service Sheridan provided.

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  • Why are things such as height and education important when you are donating sperm?

    The market demands certain requirements and like any industry success is based on a supply/demand ratio.

  • What will my semen sample be used for?

    Your samples will be distributed to physicians worldwide for anonymous donor insemination for their patients who are trying to have a child.

  • How often can I donate?

    Xytex encourages donors to donate at least once a week. The majority of donors need a 72-hour period of abstinence to yield consistently acceptable semen samples.

  • How will Xytex reimburse me for my participation?

    Xytex compensates donors for their samples after they have completed the qualification process. Once you become an official donor you will be compensated for samples that meet Xytex's quality standards.

  • Why does Xytex want me to commit to being a donor for a year?

    The qualification process in itself usually requires around six weeks to complete. Your frozen samples must remain in quarantine at least six months until they can be cleared and released. In order, to maintain an adequate inventory level on you, a years’ supply is required.