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We at Xytex want clients to make the most informed decision possible when selecting a donor. To make this process easier, we offer extensive information on all of our donors. The way to begin donor selection is to turn to FAQ. It is organized in 4 major sections:

The Basics (Why would I use Xytex? How do I get started?)

Getting to Know Xytex Donors (How are they recruited? What information will Xytex disclose about their personality? Physical features?)

Donor Evaluation and Semen Effectiveness (Are the donors tested for diseases? Will frozen semen damage my baby?)

Ordering and Insemination (Will you ship to my home? Does Xytex have a payment plan?)

If you prefer we’ll answer your questions over the phone or through e-mail. Again we want you to make an informed and comfortable decision. That is why we have a lot of information for you. You will find that even our (free) Basic Profile of each donor provides as much information as other sperm banks’ (expensive) Long Profile.

After you narrow down your choice of donors, you may want to view baby photos, adult photos, listen to donor audio files, or retrieve a donor’s Enhanced Profile. The following explains each of our Specialty Services in more detail. We hope that these options will help you tailor your selection process to your unique needs.

Xytex Donor Panel

Xytex Corporation sperm bank provides a diverse panel of donors that meet strict criteria before being accepted onto our donor panel, including:

The highest quality commitment in the industry. Our Xytex and Xytex Select donors boast a minimum 25 million motile sperm per mL. In comparison, a typical sperm count is 20 million per mL.

Excellent health. Our donors’ personal health and family history are carefully screened through a comprehensive medical history questionnaire that includes questions developed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. FDA-mandated screening and testing also ensures our donors’ continued good health.

Intelligence and personality. Xytex donors are enrolled in or have graduated from some of the country’s premier universities and medical schools. Each Xytex donor is also carefully screened by a trained donor counselor and must provide detailed personality and lifestyle information, including a donor essay.

Donor Options

Xytex International has a longstanding reputation of offering more unique options in response to our clients’ needs. That’s why we’re pleased to offer several levels of donor options to suit your family’s unique situation.

Xytex Donors. Our standard Xytex donor features the high quality and variety of information options that Xytex is known for.

Xytex Select Donors. Because of inventory rebalancing needs, Xytex is pleased to debut our newest level of donor. These donors have the same high quality commitment as our standard Xytex donors, have undergone the same screening and testing, but are offered at a lower cost. Because inventory levels fluctuate over time, these donors may also move in and out of this program.

Xytex Exclusive Donors. The Exclusive Donor program was developed to provide one specific donor's samples for use by only one recipient. The program allows one recipient to have children thru the exclusive use of the donor. Any units of an exclusive donor must be purchased as a package by one recipient. The number of available donor units usually ranges between 6 and 21. The cost will depend on each donor's individual inventory. Please contact Customer Service for details.

ART Donors. A number of our donors have ART vials available on a limited basis for patients who are undergoing procedures where fewer cells are needed. These procedures include in vitro fertilization (IVF), where eggs and sperm are combined in a laboratory, or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), where embryologists select and inject a single sperm into an egg. Because fewer motile cells are needed for these procedures, ART vials contain at least 10 million motile cells per thawed milliliter. ART vials were designed to benefit patients requiring fewer cells by offering them at a lower cost and in a variety of donors in limited supply.

Xytex ICSI Units
This category of donor sperm vial is provided for those individuals who are committed to undertake In Vitro Fertilization using donor sperm. In order to maximize normal fertilization outcomes it is advisable to use Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) for insemination of the thawed donor sperm; and because the number of sperm utilized in these ICSI procedures is relatively limited then it is not necessary to have the normally high recovery count available in those cryovials to be used for Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or Intracervical Insemination (ICI). As a consequence these cryovials are designed to provide optimal amounts of donor sperm to allow good selection of motile sperm for the ICSI procedure, but are not generally adequate for other procedures such as IUI or ICI. Their pricing represents a cost-effective means to obtain a number of donor sperm vials for repeated attempts at IVF with ICSI, either to achieve a successful pregnancy, and/or to allow future siblings to be generated from subsequent IVF + ICSI attempts using the same donor.

Additional Sibling Only Donors.  Donors that have reached the maximum number of allowable family units are removed from the general donor listing.  If you have a child with a particular donor and do not see his profile on the site, it does not necessarily mean that there is no further inventory for your donor.  Please call Xytex to inquire about donors whose inventory is available only to families who have already had at least one child using a particular donor. 

Information Options

Basic Profiles
Our free Basic Profiles include the information found on our Donor Listing, as well as a medical history on the donor's family. Click here to view a complete list of donors. You will be able to select the basic profile of any donor for whom you would like more information.

Enhanced Profiles
Enhanced Profiles provide a wealth of medical and social information on the donors and their families. If you want to know how many people in the donor's family have blue eyes, whether the donor is artistic or whether he has dimples, you may want to register here to view Enhanced Profiles. You may purchase individual Enhanced Profiles on the donors of your choice, or choose our three-month Unlimited Internet Access option to view all Enhanced Profiles. To preview a sample Enhanced Profile, including the donor's baby and adult photos, his personal essay and his social profile click here.

Donor Photos

Donor Photos - We offer the opportunity for you to view your sperm donor's photos online and to purchase his child and adult pictures, as well. Photos are available in various formats, sizes and platforms. You will be able to keep these images in your personal portfolio and share this treasure with your child later in life. Subscribe to one of our profile packages and follow the Donor Photos link. It's that easy!

Audio Files
This is a recorded MP3 file of a question and answer session with the donor. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes. It provides the patient with another means of getting to know her donor. Click here to view which donors have Audio Files available.

Identity Disclosure Donors
Some Xytex donors volunteer to disclose their identities to children conceived with their sperm once the children reach 18 years of age. Click here to search for Identity Disclosure Donors. Click here to read more about our Identity Disclosure Donors in our FAQs.

If you used an Identity Disclosure donor and intend to participate in the Identity Disclosure program, please complete and submit the Recipient ID Consent and Release Form.

Donor Personality Testing Xytex offers Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS) test results on select donors. The KTS is a 70-question personality instrument that has been used all over the world for many unique purposes. It is used by companies to assist in job placement, and even by universities to assist in career counseling. Now you can gain insight into your own donor’s KTS results, or if you have not yet selected a donor, you can review the KTS results from several different donors to help you in the selection process. While most banks charge an extra fee for each donor’s individual results, Xytex is pleased to include this information at no additional charge as part of the donor’s enhanced profile. Click here to learn more about the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and what it can tell you about your donor. To view which donors have taken the KTS, click here.

Canada-compliant Units
Patients in Canada wishing to use Xytex donor units must use units that are considered "Canada-compliant". This means that additional tests were performed at the time of each donation. To view a listing of Canada-compliant donors, click here.

Pregnancy and Birth Tracking
Xytex tracks pregnancies by donor based on responses received from you. Your response is especially important to us because we limit our donors based on the number of reported family units worldwide. Once a donor is retired, we still make every effort to provide you with units from your donor for additional children.

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