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I thought the information was very thorough. Having both baby and adult photos available helped to make our decision much easier.

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Thank you for providing my family with such great customer service….You truly made my day.

I think customer service with Xytex is excellent!

My experience with the staff has been nothing but helpful, warm, and comforting in trying to make my decision. The shipment went as planned and the sperm count was extremely high for my IUI units. I am very satisfied with your Open Donor Program, especially the adult photos, which helped me decide Xytex was the bank that fit my needs. Great job!

I had a very frustrating experience with another sperm bank. They were not only incredibly impersonal and cold, and had so many people answering the phone that I couldn’t keep track, but they actually got their information wrong, resulting in two months of waiting for no reason. The woman that I spoke with at Xytex, Caroline, was warm, informed and incredibly helpful. I would definitely recommend Xytex.

I thought the information was very thorough. Having both baby and adult photos available helped to make our decision much easier.

We were able to find a match for my husband’s height and build, which was very important to us as he is an athletic 6’6”. It was also important to us to have an open donor, of which you have plenty, which is great.

Good choice, easy to navigate system

In a million years I never would have though I would find “the one.” The information I was given, coupled with the obvious warmth, wit and charm of my choice of a donor made this one of the easiest decisions of my life. The fact that my donor is an open ID donor like many of the Xytex choices is just the frosting on the cake.

Without question—the most informative website available for this purpose. And I researched a lot of them!

I just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. You made it possible for me to have a baby. She is absolutely perfect...Y'all should be commended for what you do. You make it possible for women all over to have their dreams of children come true. So thank you again.

I would like to sincerely thank you for your help and kindness. You have made what has been a very emotional and difficult situation, very smooth and stress free. Being able to speak to someone compassionate and helpful has made all the difference in this journey. What Xytex is able to offer to people like me is amazing. You really do make dreams come true and I will be eternally grateful to you special people....I can't wait to send you baby pics!

Thank you to the Xytex team for making this experience so seamless and positive. The kind,courteous nature and total professionalism of your people is to be commended.

The staff at Xytex was so friendly and answered all my questions; not rushing me off the phone. I really appreciated their time and efforts in helping me make decisions.

We looked at the Xytex site at the recommendation of a friend and have been well pleased. We ultimately chose Xytex because of the three month unlimited membership. After months of looking at other banks, with nothing but confusion, we had three finalists within three days of signing up. Within four days, we had chosen our ideal donor thanks to being able to explore fully any donor in the catalog with our unlimited membership.

When I called to order, our representative was very sweet and made sure that we had all that we needed. She checked the information twice and was very thorough and helpful. It took a phone call of about ten minutes to order and have it on the way!

A great selection of donors with so much information—much more than I expected. If someone else were in our position, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Xytex

I chose Xytex because I could pay a flat fee to view all of the donor information online. This is a great feature!

We appreciated the amount of donor information, and every staff member we spoke with was helpful and friendly. We appreciated being able to track the shipment, especially as in our case it was coming from overseas.

All contact made with your staff was so easy and stress-free; a real blessing during a difficult time.

I appreciated the detailed profile information and large donor selection. The customer service is one of the best of any company we've worked with. Someone always answers the phone and provides helpful information and answers to our questions.

I can thank Xytex for a million things: most of all, my son Kai who is the light of my life. Special thanks to Mary, Ronda, and Phoebe...for all they have and still do for me.

Your company is the only one that offers both baby and adult pictures which made it easy to find a good match. I love how the staff is dedicated and knowledgeable.

The staff was extremely helpful and made my experience very pleasant. They were very responsive and got all the info that I was looking for back to me in a timely fashion.

Sheridan was fantastic. We had a small window to ship my order and she gladly rang me in Australia to help me process the order. Very happy with the service Sheridan provided.

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