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I can thank Xytex for a million things: most of all, my son Kai who is the light of my life. Special thanks to Mary, Ronda, and Phoebe...for all they have and still do for me.

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Featured Story: Madeline & Molly

Sperm Bank Success Story - Meet MadelineI knew I always wanted to be a mom. I had always said that if I did not have a family by the age 30 I would adopt. By late 2005 and early 2006 "Mr. Right" had not been found so I looked into adoption. I found it was very hard to adopt being single. This was very upsetting and I begin to look into other ways to make my dream of becoming a Mommy become true. I had friends who had two children by sperm donation so I began to explore this route. I went to the doctor and began researching. My regular OBGYN pointed me in the direction of a local fertality clinic. They were excellent and gave me the names of a couple sperm clinics. After much researching and praying I decided on this sperm bank.

I knew that blue eyes was very important to me as was the donor being a christian. I also decided that I wanted a donor that was identity disclosure and a picture as a baby and an adult was important. After much prayer and researching I had it narrowed down to two donors.One had a very high IQ and was a professor and the other was a firefighter and very athletic and smart. Even though I am a firefighter also I decided on the professor.They were both excellent choices and was very hard to decide which one. I went to order and they were all out of that donor, so I chose the firefighter. The lady who I spoke to then gave me the bad news that he also was out. I had prayed that if it was not ment to go any farther then they would not have any of the donors. Just as I was saying thank you anyways and went to hang up the lady said that there was a note on her computer that the couple who ordered last night changed their minds and there was one vial left of the firefighter. I took this as my sign to proceed on and purchased the vial.

My prayers were answered and I became pregnant the very first time. I had an excellent pregnancy. I live in a small town and being the first "single woman" to go this route I was the topic of a lot of discussions. Some were very against this and made themselves heard. I just continued to pray that I had a healthy baby and tried to ignore the comments. In January 2007, 5 days past my due date, Madeline Grace was born. She was 8lbs 1 oz. and 22 inches long. and had a head-full of dark hair. She was absolutely beautiful and perfect.Any doubt that I may have made the wrong decision to become a single mommy was immediately erased the moment I saw Madeline. It was love at first site! I now have an almost 3 year old who is beautiful and just perfect in every way.Even those who were once against how I got pregnant has since changed their tune.Everyone has fallen in love with my sweet baby girl. I am still a single Mom and I work full time as a firefighter.Madeline loves visiting the fire department and you can tell firefighting is in her blood. Xytex helped me fufill my dream and I thank you.


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