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I can thank Xytex for a million things: most of all, my son Kai who is the light of my life. Special thanks to Mary, Ronda, and Phoebe...for all they have and still do for me.

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A second opinion can be confirmatory or present an unexpected perspective. Xytex invites and encourages you to consider options before deciding on a course of action. You will find many reproductive options on the Web as noted in our links to Helpful Organizations. You should keep in mind that reproductive medicine incorporates rapidly evolving technology. Some publications give a broad survey of options; others are limited to IVF. Some are more focused on technology; others are more focused on "feelings;" both are important in realizing your dreams of starting or growing a family.

With the spread of nontraditional families and the rise of infertility, "assisted conception" (donor insemination, egg donation, surrogate mothering or any combination of the above) is a fact of life. There are publications for nontraditional families and everyone (teachers, ministers, therapists) who works with them.

Active patient advocate sources such as RESOLVE and The American Fertility Association provide resources across the spectrum of infertility issues and are actively subscribed to and updated. Both organizations have links to blogs, books, videos, etc.

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