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Amber & Sarah

Amber and Sarah have been together for 6 years and married for 4. They live in the U.S. and both work for 3M. Sarah is also a volunteer firefighter. They decided to try for a baby in 2019 and became pregnant after their 4th medicated IUI later that year. After so many attempts, they were elated to welcome their baby girl! They supported each other during the process through open communication and lots of research. They found Xytex online by searching different sperm bank options, and their fertility clinic was also very helpful. “We went with Xytex because of the multitude of adult photos and a large amount of CMV negative options. We wanted our donor to be in good health, have a resemblance to our family, and be sincere in the answers to interview questions.” Advice for others? “Do. Your. Research. Take your time and trust yourself. We have a healthy, beautiful little girl as proof it works. Xytex had excellent communication throughout our process. They were always quick with responses to our questions. The donor material was always on time and waiting for us at the clinic for our procedure.”