At Xytex, sperm quality is our top priority. We are committed to providing you with donor sperm that is the industry’s most selective, most tested and most successful.


Our donors are chosen with you and your future family in mind. Since 2017, all donors entering the program must pass a rigorous screening and testing process. They are evaluated for medical, personality, and behavioral characteristics.


Xytex evaluates donors for hereditary conditions through an extensive medical and family history questionnaire and genetic testing for the most common inherited genetic conditions as recommended by leading medical organizations. Our donors are continually tested while in the program through physical exams, urinalysis and bloodwork, ensuring you receive the healthiest sperm.


To prove our commitment to providing you with the highest quality sperm, we adhere to the following industry-leading standards for each of our vials:

Procedure TypeVial TypeQuality Commitment
Intracervical Insemination
ICI ready (Unwashed)12.5 million motile sperm per thawed 0.5 milliliter unwashed vial (25 MOT)
Intrauterine InseminationIUI ready (Washed)10.0 million motile sperm per thawed 0.5 milliliter washed vial (20 MOT)
In-vitro FertilizationIVF (ART)5 million motile sperm per thawed 0.5 milliliter vial (10 MOT)
Intracytoplasmic Sperm InjectionICSI1 million motile sperm per thawed 0.5 milliliter vial (2 MOT)

*An unwashed vial is frozen in its most natural state, allowing sperm to remain in its natural seminal fluid.

**A washed vial separates the sperm from its natural seminal fluid and is frozen in a preserving fluid. Removing seminal fluid helps minimize cramping that can result from prostaglandins, hormones that cause the uterus to contract.

MOT is a term used to describe the number of total motile sperm cells in 1 milliliter of specimen.  Xytex loads all of their vials with 0.5 milliliters of sample, so the number of total motile sperm cells in your purchase will be half of the MOT number.  Here are examples for 2 of the most popular types of vials available at Xytex.  Our unwashed vials are considered 25MOT (25 million motile sperm per milliliter); this means that a single vial will contain 12.5 million total motile sperm.  Our washed vials are considered 20MOT (20 million motile sperm per milliliter); this means that a single vial will contain 10.0 million total motile sperm.  The Xytex quality commitment is then applicable to the number of total motile sperm cells in the vial (half of the MOT number).

Xytex allows for up to a 25% variance from the total motile sperm cell commitment for differences in readings between laboratories. For example, our commitment for IUI ready (washed) vials is 10 million motile sperm per 0.5 milliliter vial (washed vial); with a 25% variance, 7.5 million motile sperm is acceptable and considered to have met the commitment. In addition, Xytex recognizes that the published literature has established that sperm concentration measurement can be greatly impacted by the type of counting device used. Xytex prepares all of its vials with a Makler chamber; when disposable chambers are used by clinics to assess the post-thaw quality, a conversion factor will be applied to the calculation to compensate for this discrepancy. The variance and the conversion factor are independent calculations from one another.

It is the responsibility of the inseminating healthcare provider to maintain accurate records, should there be a quality concern, or subsequent infectious or genetic problems occur following the use of our specimen. Should there be a concern, a Quality Report will need to be submitted within 45 days of the thaw and applies to vials used within 60 days of receipt.  Please see the Xytex Forms page for the Quality Report.

Quality reports associated with treatment that results in a successful pregnancy, or successful fertilization in IVF cycles without a transfer, will not be considered, regardless of the total motile count of the specimen.

Quality commitment is void if ownership is transferred prior to use.

Xytex’s liability for any specimen that does not meet the above commitment shall be limited to the following, at Xytex’s discretion:

  • Supplying specimen replacement
  • Shipping costs will not be considered unless the specimen arrives already thawed
  • Xytex shall not be held liable for any consequential of incidental damages, including but not limited to any additional or associated expenses incurred during treatment

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