Search UK Compliant Donors

Our U.K. clients can choose from an abundant supply of donors, while meeting the requirements of HFEA (The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority). Unlike donors available to U.S. clients, donor anonymity is not permitted in the U.K. A donor used by clients in the U.K. must sign an agreement that allows his identifying information to be released to reported offspring once they reach the age of 18.

In addition to being Identity Disclosed Donors, U.K. compliant donors’ samples have a ten-family unit limit. Because of this ten-family limit, a donor is only U.K. compliant for a fixed amount of time, until the family slots are filled. While there isn’t an additional charge imposed on our U.K. clients, a two vial minimum purchase is required to secure a family slot.*

Please note that the transit time to ship to a clinic in the U.K. is 2 days. Donor consent forms, in addition to other information, need to be provided to the clinic prior to shipping. To allow ample time to complete import paperwork and delivery, we recommend that U.K. customers place an order at least 2 weeks prior to the date the units are needed at the clinic. The shipping fee includes all duties, taxes and return of the tank.

*The two vial minimum purchase applies to the first purchase made by a client of one particular U.K. donor and secures a family slot. If a U.K. client changes donors or purchases multiple donors, the one-time, two vial minimum purchase will be required to secure each donor’s family slot.