Screening Process

The health and experience of our donors is of utmost importance. While each donor is different, all receive the same thorough screening.

Donor Pre-Screening Process

Once all screenings have been completed and approved, a candidate is officially a Xytex donor!
  1. Candidate completes medical history questionnaire (MHQ)
    Candidate will answer detailed questions about his health status, along with family medical history.
  2. Candidate is interviewed by a donor counselor, including a review of his personal and family medical history
    Focuses on personality, behavior and health.
  3. Candidate provides a semen sample for analysis
    Sample is collected in a private room at a Xytex facility; 48 hours of abstinence is required prior to sample. We assess sperm count, volume, motility and additional items to determine quality of donation.
  4. Candidate undergoes a physical exam
    Conducted following semen sample evaluation. Blood and urine samples are taken during pre-screening and periodically throughout continued sperm donation.