As of February 1, 2023, incoming Xytex donors will undergo screening with Invitae’s Comprehensive Carrier Screen. This panel includes up to 569 genes, including the diseases recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG). 

Genetic carrier testing has seen recent advancements over the past decade and offers vital information on hundreds of diseases. As carrier screening has evolved, the number of tested conditions has increased. For this reason, some of Xytex’s donors have undergone more comprehensive screening than others. The size of the panel coincides with the year the donor entered our donation program. As a result, not all donors have been tested for the same conditions or with the same testing methods. Genetic test results for each donor are available on the individual donor’s profile page. 

Xytex understands the importance of expanded genetic carrier disease testing in the sperm donor selection process. For clients who are carriers of a genetic condition, this additional testing of our donors will narrow the selection process more quickly and help them find the most suitable donor possible. 

As clients navigate the donor selection process, our donor search tool with filtering options shows donors tested and screened negative for specific conditions. 

For example, if you are a known carrier for Bloom syndrome (BLM), you can select that condition from the dropdown list in the donor search database and select “Find Match.” The resulting matches will show available donors who were tested and found to be negative for Bloom syndrome (BLM).