XyIdentity Disclosure

Highly selective portfolio of donors, as diverse as our customer base. This diversity is achieved through intense recruiting efforts, offering a large pool of potential donors with an extensive list of accomplishments and attributes.

Because of evolving technology, not all donors have been tested for the same conditions or using the same methods. XyIdentity Disclosure Donors have an established history of producing healthy babies. Conditions for which they have been tested are displayed in each profile.

We understand the desire for a child to be able to connect with a sperm donor. That’s why Xytex UK provides Identity Disclosure Donors. A donor who participates in the Identity Disclosure Donor Program agrees to the release of his contact information once the child turns 18.



Superior selection of donors with an extensive track record of healthy babies. Although XySelect Donors may not have been tested for as many conditions, they have endured the test of time, with a successful history of helping families on the path to parenthood.

Many of these “Xytex Classics” have been our most popular donors throughout the years and have limited inventory remaining.



Donors with the most comprehensive battery of genetic testing and available carrier condition results. XyGene Donors have a diverse array of additional qualities, as desired by our clients.

Over the years, we have proactively expanded our genetic testing of donors with the advancement of research and technology. Xytex’s on-staff genetics counselor critically analyzes donor applicants and their family medical histories, minimizing the risk for specific disorders with donor offspring.

This portfolio’s value is truly realized when a client begins her family journey with an assessment of her genomic composition. Some condition causation results from the genetic interaction of the gamete donor and the recipient and requires detailed genetic information specific to the recipient. The client, along with their healthcare provider, should determine the suitability of any Xytex Donor based on the paired genetic information.

XyGene Donors have been tested for a minimum of 100 conditions. Effective January 2019, all entering donors are tested for over 280 conditions. Effective April 2021, all entering donors are tested for 302 conditions. Effective February 2023, all entering donors are tested for 569 conditions. Donor Profiles clearly state the specific conditions for which donors have been tested. These tests cannot provide information about genetic disorders not specifically tested but they do help to reduce the risk for specific disorders.



An exceptional pool of donors with strict limits regarding the number of allowed family units. This is particular to certain markets and is coordinated between specific family unit slots and potential parents. It is our long-standing corporate belief that once you have started a family, the decision regarding family size and genetically related children belongs to you.

XyLimited donors possess the same extraordinary array of desirable attributes and undergo a rigorous vetting process. Many had abbreviated tenure in our program and produced a limited amount of inventory. Limited inventory, coupled with a family slot reservation dictates that a three-vial initial purchase is required to secure a family slot.


Donors who have chosen not to disclose their identity. Supplies are often limited.


How to choose the right sperm donor