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Contacting Retired Donors

In response to the changing attitudes toward information disclosure, Xytex wishes to clarify its protocol for contacting retired donors. In instances where there is deemed medical relevance for contact, all donors (both anonymous and Identity Disclosure) will be approached. In order to determine if contacting a donor is warranted, a medical report by a physician may be requested by the Xytex Medical Director so that an appropriate medical decision can be made involving genetic relevance. Each request for contact made by either a recipient or offspring will be evaluated based on content of request and level of privacy concern as indicated by the donor's file. Nonidentifying information of both a medical and social nature within the donor's file will be shared by Xytex per request of the recipient or offspring at anytime (this may incur a charge). Retired, anonymous donors who have fulfilled their commitment to Xytex are not expected, or required, to have contact with Xytex unless a medical issue arises. If an anonymous donor contacts Xytex after he retires and is now interested in changing his Identity Disclosure status, he can make that known and it will be noted in his file. All donors upon retirement are encouraged to share with Xytex any substantial change in his personal and family health history.

Identity Disclosure donors are not expected to have social contact with registered offspring before the age of 18 years. When the age has been reached and the request has been made, Xytex will initiate the contact and provide the offspring with a method to contact the donor. An ID Disclosure donor's minimal obligation for contact is to update his family medical history. Any other information or contact is strictly optional and at the donor's discretion.

Please refer to the Identity Disclosure Consent and Release Form for further details.

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