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All contact made with your staff was so easy and stress-free; a real blessing during a difficult time.

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Thank you for your interest in human semen from Xytex Corporation.

Xytex has become a major human sperm bank servicing physicians and their patients globally from offices in Georgia, USA. Xytex has a distinguished reputation for unparalleled information options, quality products, and a high level of caring service. Xytex helps physicians and their patients find a medically qualified donor suited to the individual needs of the recipients. Xytex is sensitive to the cultural and ethical issues of patients and has a diverse group of donors.

Xytex began providing human semen in 1975 as a clinical diagnostic laboratory, a service originating from research at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, one of the world’s premiere academic centers for reproductive medicine. Being international, Xytex has access to the world’s best medical authorities and has selected a few of those to form the Medical Advisory Board. As part of its professional responsibilities, Xytex follows the voluntary standards of the American Association of Bioanalysts, the American Association of Tissue Banks, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society, and the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology. Xytex is also ISO 9001:2008 certified. Furthermore, the quality of Xytex’s clinical services are validated by state and national governmental agencies with authority to shut down noncompliant programs.

Xytex holds multiple American licenses and registrations.

Xytex also adheres to the regulations regarding importation of its products by the governments of Switzerland, the United Kingdom (HFEA) as well as Health Canada, a federal governing board of Canada.

Cost-Effective Relationships

For Physicians who wish to establish an account with Xytex we can arrange to have your office or patients billed directly for specimens and services purchased by your patients. In addition to the benefits listed above, Xytex can provide your practice/clinic with the following advantages:

  • Very Competitive Bulk Pricing
  • Reduce Shipping Costs for Affiliated Programs
  • "Research Only" Units Available for No Charge
  • Unparalleled Customer Service and Attention
  • Broad and Highly Diverse Donor Listing
  • Revolutionary Donor Information Options
  • Existing Insurance Coverage
  • Semen Quality Commitment
  • Highly Screened Donors
  • Affiliation with the Xytex Corporate Name
  • Existing Experience with University Programs
  • Pregnancy and Birth Tracking Information

As a provider of reproductive health services, we know that your time is limited. To assist you and your staff, we are pleased to provide the following resources in a downloadable format:

Supply Agreement

A completed and signed copy of the Physician Supply Agreement (US physiciansInternational physicians) must be returned to Xytex to establish a new account. The form may be returned by mail, email (info@xytex.com) or by fax to 706-736-9720. Once our staff confirms the information, an account will be established in your name. You, your staff or your patients may place orders, but prior to shipment, all orders will be confirmed with your office.

Patient Information Of Transmissible Diseases

A letter from our medical director provides information of transmissible diseases by donor insemination. This information helps your patient understand the risks related to donor insemination. It should be reviewed with each patient before obtaining her signed consent, and before inseminations begin.

Patient Consent Form

The Consent to Artificial Insemination is designed to be informative while covering important legal issues for you, your patient and Xytex. Please retain a signed consent with your patient's medical record. This form should be reviewed and signed before inseminations begin.

We Want to Hear From You

What you think about our products and services makes a huge difference in how we conduct business today - and in the future. In an effort to provide customer-driven products plus exceptional customer satisfaction, we always accept feedback.

Your feedback is valuable in helping us provide products and services to assist you in a successful practice.

Email us anytime at info@xytex.com with your comments.