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See why our Xytex clients are thankful for their donor!


A Family That Needs This More Than Anything

“I’m thankful for my donor because he is giving me a chance to bring another life into the world. I lost my son October 29th of last year, at 4 months old, due to a genetic disorder that caused him to have cardiomyopathy. My husband and I knew we wanted another baby but knew we would run a 50/50 chance of having another baby like our sweet Gunner, and we knew we couldn’t handle that heartbreak again.

So I’m thankful for our donor’s selflessness in donating to a family that needs this more than anything!! We miss our Gunner, but we know he is looking over our unborn child.

Thank you, donor ****!!” 

Love of My Life

“Without my donor, I wouldn’t have my beautiful son. He is here thanks to donor number ****. He is the joy of my life. He has completed my family. Without ****, he wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you for giving me the love of my life.”

Let Me Help These People

“I would like to send a special thanks to my donor. After trying for a couple of years and ending with deceptions most of the time, I finally have my rainbow baby because something inside of you said, let me help these people. I would be forever grateful for your kind gesture. Thanks again!” 

Top 3 Reasons

“Hi! The three top reasons we chose the donor that we did…..

1) he and his extended/immediate family all seemed to report very good health. No major diseases or illnesses. That was first and foremost in our thoughts and what we wanted to best be able to offer our child!

2) from the extra information and essay we felt he was kind-hearted and liked to help people.

3) he’s absolutely gorgeous!! 

Our daughter is now 28 months old. She is very intelligent, healthy, pleasant, cooperative personality, very independent, and the most beautiful little person inside and out! 

Caring for my daughter is the best thing I’ve ever done with my entire life! I waited a long time to have a child, and thanks to the Donor, I’ve been blessed to be her Momma. I tell her all the time that she’s the best kid on the entire planet! Thank you for making my dream the best reality!”