Xytex Announces Pricing Update

With rigorous vetting and expanded genetic testing, an increase is necessary to continue providing a premium pool of donors. In order to maintain the highest standards for our clients, keeping up with the latest in technological and reproductive practices, such changes are inevitable. Please visit our pricing page for more information. https://www.xytex.com/patient-information/pricing/

Our incomparable experience and unwavering commitment to quality and transparency sets Xytex apart from any other sperm bank in the industry:

  • As the longest running sperm bank, with over 45 years of experience
  • Shipping to over 35 countries worldwide
  • Offering a diverse pool of donors
  • Screening donors using an expansive battery of tests, including genetic screening and behavior and psychological evaluations
  • Giving patients an accurate snapshot of donors, offering both adult and child photos

We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you start your path to parenthood in 2022!