Xytex Opts for New Medical Protection System

Xytex Cryo International has signed up for a new monitoring system to protect irreplaceable cryopreserved gametes and umbilical Cord Blood in its Georgia storage facilities. Xytex, a 36 year old worldwide industry leader, has a commitment to unsurpassed quality controls and protecting irreplaceable reproductive tissues. One way to fulfill this commitment is to continuously monitor all products and reagents being stored to ensure that the required temperatures are maintained and that deviations are identified immediately, reported and corrected. Xytex examined and trial tested alternative services before settling on the Tutela system from Next Control Services.

“After a thorough evaluation we chose a Tutela 24-hour wire-less monitoring system because we just found it to be the best fit for our situation; there was a better feel to its operation. We contacted users of all the systems we tested inquiring about the benefits of each system, and Tutela, received the best ratings. Having used a manual system of checking levels and temperatures for many years, we were skeptical of taking the leap to wire-less monitoring, but, as one reference indicated, at some point you have to be confident in the technology because 24/7 monitoring is far superior to manual checking. We even included our oxygen monitor on the system.” – Anita Wylds, Xytex Special Projects Coordinator

“The monitoring service is provided by Next Controls’ fully manned 24 hour international alarm bureau through which the Tutela system automatically generates records sufficiently detailed to meet all legal requirements. Next Controls has fitted 55 sensors on liquid nitrogen units, 5 sensors on refrigerator/freezer units and 2 sensors on oxygen monitors.” – Christopher Karow, Communications