Xytex Security System Improvements

Xytex Cryo International has recently improved tank temperature monitoring and building security systems for all locations. Xytex has always provided customers with safety systems that insure all around security measures.

Xytex recently tested and installed a new $30k tank and dewar temperature control and regulation system as well as reinforcing our high security system. Xytex has always maintained a 24-hour security system with multiple alert controls. New advances in technology have allowed Xytex to control access to all of our locations with a fully integrated entry system which records the movement of every individual entering or exiting our facilities. This new system further exceeds ISO requirements and regulatory expectations.

Xytex has also installed a fully validated and regulatory compliant web-based wireless temperature monitoring and recording system to monitor all refrigeration and liquid nitrogen storage units. The system monitors both high and low temperatures using NIST traceable monitoring sensors. The system allows 24/7 web access to monitor all devices. If any device indicates operating outside set temperature parameters, the system goes into an alarm mode and is automatically reported to a manned bureau. The bureau contacts Xytex personnel who are able to quickly react to the nature of the alarm.
– Xytex Security Resource and Development Group