Xytex Offers Most Expansive Genetic Testing

Augusta, GA – September 13, 2017 – Xytex, a global leader in sperm banking and cryoservices, is pleased to offer the most expansive genetic carrier testing available for donor sperm. In addition to providing donors with extensive screening and industry-standard genetic testing, Xytex offers xyGene donors who undergo expanded carrier testing of more than 170 genetic conditions.

xyGene donors are an option for women pursuing sperm donation who have been tested and found to be carriers of genetic conditions for which most sperm donors are not tested. Expanded carrier testing of xyGene donors offers insight into the probability of a child inheriting or developing specific genetic conditions. By identifying gene markers of these conditions, Xytex can help minimize the uncertainties surrounding inherited traits, providing clients a greater peace of mind.

“With expanded carrier testing of our xyGene Donors, we can help women choose a donor that is not only a great fit on an intellectual and physical level, but on a genetic level as well,” says Dr. Jan Schöler, president of Xytex.

While standard genetic testing of Xytex sperm donors includes more than three dozen common genetic conditions, only a select number of sperm donors undergo the expansive carrier testing. To gain a better understanding of how expanded genetic testing can help clients choose the donor that’s right for them, visit xytex.com and view the Genetic Testing video.

About Xytex:
Xytex is a global provider of cryoservices and has provided donor sperm and tissue services for patients’ reproductive needs since 1975. Xytex continues to utilize the latest technology and recommended procedures to cryopreserve cells and tissue—making them readily available for use when needed. For more information, visit xytex.com.