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I work as the head of sales for a property developer, and my partner is a nanny. We are based in the UK. We aren’t married but have been together for eight and a half years and were friends for two years prior to this. We have traveled the world together, bought our first home and now started our family.

We started our pregnancy journey in 2018 with a visit to the GP. After a long wait following required tests, we were finally referred to the fertility clinic, who provided us with details of sperm banks for us to review. We had a look over several different companies in various countries across Europe and the US. The details provided by Xytex are fantastic in comparison to any other bank. The information provided is invaluable from full donor history and family history, plus the option to view an image if we wanted to. Being a same-sex couple, looking for a donor is like doing online shopping and quite fun. However, it is a big decision. We wanted a donor who represented both of our features, as we plan to use the same donor again in the future, so our children are related by blood. When we were searching, we came down to a shortlist of 2 and couldn’t decide which one to select. We decided to call the clinic to discuss the two donor and the help we received was fantastic. Although they couldn’t tell us which donor to go for, they were able to advise us on some of the attributes which aided our decision. I would suggest that both parents discuss what they would both like from a donor beforehand to ensure they are on the same page when the search begins.

Ordering was very simple. We were out to dinner before a concert and placed the order through email. The documents were sent, signed, and payment made with confirmation arriving with a delivery date during the concert. The song playing at the time became our song for the IVF journey from then on. The sperm arrived at our clinic after us tracking its journey from the US to the UK. It was very well-traveled. The whole process was simple and seamless. A couple of weeks after its arrival, we started our injections, and a month later were pregnant with our first child. In July 2020, we gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. We plan to continue our journey in 2021 with baby number 2.