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About 6 years ago I thought everything was right in the world. I was happily married, and we were expecting our first child. Unfortunately, life can be very hard and not always what it seems.

When I was 3 months pregnant, I realized my marriage was over. I was stricken with grief over this, but more so, I was immediately impacted by the fact that my child would never have a sibling, and I would never have another child. When my son was born, I thought these feelings would lessen; but while I was so in love with him, they only grew more deep.

I knew we both had so much more love we could share, yet we wouldn’t get that chance.

I was in my late 30s; I had no interest in a new relationship, and therefore I was resolved to the fact that my family would not grow beyond us two. Then, it was as though the world stopped and an idea was born. And I was ashamed I hadn’t realized it sooner.

There was no reason our family couldn’t grow, and there was no reason I couldn’t have another child.

I immediately contacted our local fertility clinic, and after some time and a very positive process, my beautiful baby girl was born. Her brother and I are filled with more joy, love and gratitude than I ever thought possible. I am reminded every day how in a different life I might never have known this sweet girl.

Despite a very challenging time, I now know my life is exactly where it should be. I could want for nothing more.

Nicki A.