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Tell us a bit more about your background. What do you do for a living? Are you in the U.S.? Overseas? Married? 

I’m 27 and a private nanny. I’ve worked with children for over 10 years. I live in London UK. I am a single, solo mother by choice.

What year did you begin your Xytex search/ pregnancy journey?

I found Xytex by recommendation from my fertility clinic here in London.  I chose my donor in July 2019, & by September 2019, I had done my transfer.

Are you in a heterosexual couple, a same-sex couple, or are you a single mother by choice? 

I am a proud single mother by choice.

What challenges did you face when trying to become pregnant, if any? How did you handle those challenges? 

I have stage 5 endometriosis. I’ve had a lot of surgeries to remove that, so I have a lot of scar tissue too. My body didn’t really react to the medication amazingly, but it worked! My pregnancy was a bit of a challenge but so worth it, as I have my baby girl.

Who supported you the most during your donor search/ pregnancy? 

My family & my best friends.

How did you hear about Xytex? How did you go about finding us? 

My fertility clinic, which is Harley street fertility clinic here in London, knew what type of donor I wanted and I couldn’t find one in the UK. They recommended Xytex. I’m so happy I went with you.

Why did you choose Xytex? What did you like most? What did you like least? 

The customer service was amazing – answered all my questions & anything I needed help with, as we were shipping it to the UK. I love the fact that you can see photos of your donor. That made it a whole lot more special, as I can now see the donor in my daughter too. I can’t wait to show her photos of him when she’s older.

How did Xytex compare to other sperm banks? 

I think the difference between UK sperm bank and Xytex is that you get to see photos of the donor, which to me made it a lot more personable and meaningful.

What was most important to you when choosing a donor? What were you looking for? 

I wanted someone I could see myself dating. I have only dated African men, so when picking my donor, I wanted someone African. Other qualities were a good education, height & personality. He ticked all boxes, plus he’s very handsome!

What would you tell others looking for a donor? Any advice? 

Go through all options, read through all the profiles. It helped me really understand what I wanted in a donor and what I didn’t.

Why would you recommend Xytex? 

I have already recommended you to so many people! I’ve said the personal customer service, the donor pictures & the punctuality of how quick the sample was sent and so professionally.

Were our website and resources helpful?

Yes. Loved looking through all the profiles. I like how now I’ve reported a pregnancy I can also see my donor profile. That’s a lovely touch!

Are we connected on Instagram and Facebook? If yes, do you like what you see?

I love that we are connected on social media. I think it’s great you’re sharing peoples journeys and stories on there for everyone to read.

After completing your purchase with Xytex, what happened from there? 

You sent the sample very quickly! My clinic confirmed everything was perfect, and we did icsi. I had 3 embryos go to day 3, & only 1 go to day 5, which was my little girl. She is a true miracle!!!

Future plans? 

My daughter is my world & my everything. I will be having a hysterectomy in a year’s time to prevent me from having too much pain from my endometriosis, as it keeps growing back rapidly.