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Tell us a bit more about your background. What do you do for a living? Are you in the U.S.? Overseas? Married? 

Currently we live in Canada and work in genetics and education. We are engaged and are hoping to get married next year.

What year did you begin your Xytex search/ pregnancy journey? 

We began this journey November of 2019 and discovered Xytex January 2020.

Are you in a heterosexual couple, a same-sex couple, or are you a single mother by choice? 

We are a same-sex couple!

What challenges did you face when trying to become pregnant, if any? How did you handle those challenges? 

We were very fortunate in becoming pregnant as quickly as we did. Our challenges were mostly how hard we were on ourselves and the amount of pressure we (I) put on getting pregnant.

Who supported you the most during your donor search/ pregnancy? 

We support each other above all else! We actually didn’t tell our family and only a couple of friends that we were family planning. Aside from that we had our fertility doctor who was really pleasant and a sense of calm for us. While in contact with Xytex I dealt with very helpful employees which was imperative in our journey.

How did you hear about Xytex? How did you go about finding us? 

We actually had been looking at other sperm banks but after one of our appointments with our Dr, she brought it up. At this point we had a few donors we liked elsewhere, so when we looked at Xytex it was very quick. After waiting for sometime on blood work to come back it gave us more time to check out Xytex and once we did we knew this was the match for us.

Why did you choose Xytex? 

We chose Xytex for many reasons. For one we liked how it was user friendly. It also provided baby and adult photos and numerous photos throughout their life. As well as a great amount of information about each donor. We also really liked the personal notes from the donors. When we started seriously looking for a donor on Xytex we were sold on a new donor who matched perfectly with what we were looking for. Another important factor for us was that the donor had enough vials. This was a problem we ran into often. However, this was not an issue and it just seemed meant to be that we were meant to look at the site that day and see a new donor who matched so well with us.

How did Xytex compare to other sperm banks? 

What was so great about Xytex was that they were quick to respond to questions, they were helpful and they were so nice. It’s a very overwhelming experience and having people that are knowledgeable, quick and patient was really helpful.

What was most important to you when choosing a donor? What were you looking for? 

We wanted a donor who had certain features (eye colour and hair colour), who had a good medical history and genetic history, CMV negative (which really puts a wrench in the search), who had similar interests or education/career background as us.

What would you tell others looking for a donor? Any advice? 

Our advice to others looking for a donor would be, be patient, make sure it’s exactly what you are looking for, consider with your partner/yourself what is most important to have in a donor. Narrowing our search was very helpful in picking the right donor for us.

Why would you recommend Xytex?

As mentioned above, the site is user friendly. It provides lots of photos of donors and the staff are quick, polite, friendly and really helpful.

After completing your purchase with Xytex, what happened from there? 

After completing our purchase we sent vials over to our fertility clinic and in February we were able to have our first cycle of IUI. Today we are 26 weeks pregnant, due in November with our first baby boy and we are so over the moon.

Thank you to Xytex who made an overwhelming process easy and simple. We are looking forward to continuing to build our family and will always be thankful to Xytex and our donor who both helped make our dream a reality!