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Debbie & Jayne

After deciding to start a family, we spoke to our GP. Long story short, our journey started at a local hospital and was halted just before we started to search for a donor. Alas,  we were back to the beginning! We went away and had done a lot more research. We ended up choosing Queen Elizabeth clinic in Gateshead UK, and from the beginning, they were amazing.

Choosing our donor was a difficult task. Our heads were in a spin, and it took us quite some time! Once chosen, Xytex was absolutely fabulous even down to once we had ordered, etc. We got a call back to say there was also another shipment going to our clinic, so our shipping cost was cut in half.  We were very happy and grateful at this honesty and generosity. As you will know, this treatment is all about money, so to save a little was amazing. Our treatment (IUI) went well, and we were very lucky to be successful in the first attempt. Here she is our little bundle of love, sass, fun, giggles, and attitude. Daisy is our world.

Over this last year, we have been undergoing more treatment to add to our family. After 2 unsuccessful cycles and 3 abandoned cycles, we now don’t have any more of our donor in storage. We had said before our last cycle that this is the last try. Now since then, it was unsuccessful yet again.  We both feel we want to try again but a different route (IVF,) which is so much more expensive along with buying more donor sperm. We have a very good life, and so does Daisy. We feel that yes, we need to save hard, but we also need to carry on living our best life, not only for us but, more importantly, for her! So we have given ourselves 2 years to save this money, and then we will most definitely be ordering our donor again and going ahead with IVF. On behalf of myself, Jayne, and Daisy, we give a huge, huge thank you to Xytex, our donor, and our clinic. We will be in touch as soon as we are ready to order again.