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Jessica & Samantha

Tell us a bit more about your background. What do you do for a living? Are you in the US? Europe? Married? 

Samantha and I both work from home for Lyft Headquarters based out of Nashville, TN. We currently work in the Customer Cares Escalations department. We’ve been married since October of 2016, and started dating in late 2012.

What year did you begin your Xytex search/ pregnancy journey?

We began our TTC journey in 2017.

Are you in a heterosexual couple, a same-sex couple, or are you a single mother by choice? 

We are a same-sex couple.

What challenges did you face when trying to become pregnant, if any? How did you handle those challenges? 

We met many challenges throughout our journey. We have gone through 10 failed IUIs between the two of us. We just tried our best to stay positive throughout the negative tests and remember what our goal was at the end of the day. We continued to love each other through the frustrations, and finally through IVF were able to see our first positive test.

How did you hear about Xytex? How did you go about finding us? 

We were given a list of sperm banks from our fertility clinic, and Xytex was one that was on the list.

Why did you choose Xytex? What did you like most?

We chose Xytex because of the number of options/donor types that were available. We previously used one other sperm bank prior to Xytex, and although counts were high, they never seemed to work out.

How did Xytex compare to other sperm banks? 

In our opinion, Xytex rates very highly because we were successful on the first vial. The amount of genetic testing is unmatched, and the donor type options provided are great as well.

What was most important to you when choosing a donor? What were you looking for?

Health/Genetic background and everything that entails was extremely important to us. Followed by education, personality, pictures available as an adult and child as well. We were looking for someone with either of our blood types, same ethnicity as us, higher education, friendly, no flaws on the genetic testing, and an ID disclosure donor.

What would you tell others looking for a donor? Any advice?

We would tell them to be patient through the process and really sit down and discuss what’s important and what really isn’t. 9 times out of 10, you won’t find a perfect match. But what you will find is someone that is perfect for you in areas that matter most.

 Why would you recommend Xytex? 

We would recommend Xytex because the accessibility of the website and help provided by the team members whenever questions came about. Also because of the success we’ve seen of course. How could we not?

Was our website/resources helpful?

The website was very helpful. Whenever there was something we didn’t understand, we were easily able to reach someone who was more than happy to assist us.

What would you like to have seen/ see more of on our website/ social media? 

Diversity is always important. But steps are already being taken, so we definitely can’t complain there! 🙂

After completing your purchase with Xytex, what’s happened from there?

We are currently 13 weeks pregnant!

Future plans?

We have two more vials remaining, and will do an IVF retrieval with one of those in the next few months to collect embryos with my DNA. We hope to have about 5 kids in the future! 🙂