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JR Silver

Meet another one of our fabulous Xytex clients, JR Silver, and his beautiful family. JR has recently published a book “Sharing Seeds.”

It is the first children’s book about IVF that focuses on a family’s donor sperm journey, told in a traditional and light-hearted way, brought to life by some beautiful illustrations. It’s the perfect donor sperm children’s book for parents to read to and with their children, whether conceived via sperm donor or otherwise, to sensitively introduce to youngsters the diverse origins of some very special fertility conceived children.

“Beautiful happy children: my wife and I started our UK based fertility journey in 2014 when we realized I had an underlying fertility issue that meant I could not naturally father a child. We contemplated our options for a good few months after that, including whether to use a sperm donor and, if so, would that be someone already known to us or not. Once we were committed to going forward with an unknown (albeit non-anonymous) sperm donor, what was really important to us was having the option of reviewing detailed biographies and, most crucially, pictures of the donor as a child and later in life. Xytex provided us with all this flexibility and more, including a personal, speedy, and responsive service, shipping the chosen sperm to our UK fertility clinic in good time ahead of our various treatment cycles. We are so lucky to live during a time when IVF treatment is so advanced, including the options for using donor sperm, and are now parents to two blessed donor sperm conceived children, thanks, in no small part, to Xytex.”

To learn more or purchase a “Sharing Seeds” book, visit his website

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