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I live in a small town in Ontario, Canada and started by talking to my family doctor in 2018 and after lots of internet searching I found a fertility clinic in Oshawa.

The whole process was very fascinating, and my twin sister and my mom were there to support me the whole way. I had wanted to do this for two years, I’m a very independent person and finding Mr. Right isn’t easy. So I finally told my family I wanted to have a baby, told my co-workers and became very open about it with everyone. I was met with lots of support and love. My twin sister, my mom and I spent hours searching for the right donor.

A friend of mine suggested Outreach, which brought me to Xytex. I looked at other sites but found them overwhelming. I used Xytex and really narrowed down my search to what exactly I was looking for which made it less overwhelming. I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at other sites, I found Xytex easy to use and had a lot of donors available so went right to using it.

My biggest thing in a donor was health. I wanted someone who had little to no health issues in the family. Being able to view family health statuses was a great feature. I loved the biographies and the large amount of detail I got from each donor. It really helped me to select who I wanted as it gave me a better idea of who the sperm donor was and if I like the attributes and description of that donor. I didn’t have any issues with using the site and found many donors that fit my ideal donor.

Once I picked my donor, the rest was easy. Speaking to customer service for Xytex helped clarify anything I wasn’t sure about in ordering the sperm. It was an easy process and little work on my end. Xytex took care of ensuring the sperm arrived at the fertility clinic and in January 2019, I had my IUI.

I was lucky as I only had to go through it once, I got pregnant the first time! It was a really exciting time for me and the rest of my family as both my sisters and my sister in law were also pregnant.

My pregnancy was over all great, major heartburn and sore hips and ribs but all in all not at all bad.

I am now looking forward to round two! Unfortunately I did not reserve more sperm from my donor so do have to find a new donor which I find exciting to do that part again because it was a lot of fun. But if having same sperm donor is important to people then be sure to reserve multiple vials of sperm for future use. Also have a list of qualities you are looking for to narrow down the search. Xytex has a lot of donors and at first I wasn’t picky, but if you don’t narrow it down, you’ll end up with 300+ donors available to view and that’s way to much! The information is all you have to “know” the donors, so be picky. Search for exactly what you want. There’s a lot of options, so take some time to decide what you are looking for. Im a very short person so I also narrowed down donors to very tall people. I went with an open ID donor as I like the idea that my son has the option to meet his biological father should he want to when he is older. I like that it gives my child the opportunity to know the donor as I feel it is an important decision and one that the child has a right to make.

All in all, I’m very thankful for becoming a mom to a very wonderful boy. I am very excited for going through the process again. I wish more people thought about going with a sperm back as now a days it is hard to find a relationship with anyone and yet many want a family.