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It’s hard to make a long, emotional story short, but I will try. I got married knowing my husband could not give me a baby, though he had 3 children from a previous marriage, and I was a completely accepted stepmom. For many years, I thought that would be enough, but I was born to bear a child.

As I got older my body physically screamed at me; I had to have a baby. My husband finally agreed. We went to the doctor to see about getting medical help so that I could have his child; we just couldn’t afford it, and the pain and healing he would have to go through would be tough.

I had mentioned using donor sperm when the subject first came up, but he objected strongly—until one day when everything just fell into place.

He agreed in February 2017, and everything just snowballed so fast—all the testing, doctors, counselors happened so easily and quickly. Then came what I thought would be the hard part, finding the right company & donor, and then having it shipped and ready for me.

Xytex took that overwhelming feeling from me and turned it into support.

Everyone I spoke to answered all my questions, gave me the time I needed and was so encouraging and helpful. The process of finding the donor ended up being so easy; I had it narrowed down to 3 (as hubby hates “shopping”), but I had my favorite. He gave me the profile of my favorite and said, “That’s the one.”

After a long conversation with a very helpful Xytex consultant, I ordered 2 vials for the time being. And by July 2017, I was going in for my first IUI. I knew the chances of being pregnant on the first try were slim, but I was still disappointed when the test came back negative. I had one more cycle left, and then I would have to order more. I almost did because I was sure it would be on my 3rd attempt. But on August 6, 2017, I tried for the second time, and on August 20, I got my BFP (Big Fat Positive)!

I was 38 years old and had spent my whole life needing this baby, and on that day it all hit me so hard! I had no idea just how badly I wanted this. My pregnancy was a breeze. I was high-risk because of my age but never had a problem. Giving birth to my baby girl was a little dramatic but nothing horrible. And I thank God every day for this little blessing.

I thank Xytex for making this experience easy, informed, and supported the whole way.

I have had my dreams come true, and it was with your help that it happened and for that I am eternally grateful.

THANK YOU more than you can ever imagine. And please continue to bring smiles, love and mended hearts to people. I will continue to give you gratitude.

Much love
Teresa O.