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Upon reaching my mid-late 30’s, husbandless and childless, I reached the decision point where I often thought I might end up. Call it a woman’s intuition or just fate, but I knew I would be going on this motherhood journey without a partner.

So, I embarked.

With a friend’s gentle push—after many conversations of hearing me whine about the trials of dating and simply wanting to be a mom and feeling the time slip away—I did it; I saw a doctor who set me on my path. After my appointment (in which I thought I would discuss egg freezing), I found myself approaching the thought of getting pregnant on my own and wanting to do it as soon as possible. I was there, I was ready. I had support of friends and family and it was about to happen. Now to just find that missing piece!

I started down the list of suggested clinics that my doctor worked with. The first two on the list did not have websites that were easy to navigate, so they got nixed pretty quickly. The 3rd was Xytex. Okay, I thought, I like the look of the site, easy to navigate and I love the option of paying a little bit more to see baby photos through adulthood photos of donors. So off I went on my search.

When I set my mind to something, I’m like a rocket, fast and furious. It didn’t take long to have a list of 4-5 favorites. After narrowing it down, I had chosen my donor. Wow, this was really weird, I thought. I felt like I was online dating, but in fact I was not at all doing this; I was in fact choosing the other half of the possible baby that I was about to create with this donor.

Incredibly amazing, scary, mind-numbing, yet I felt so grateful and thankful for the technology of this, the donor’s willingness to donate, the ease of the process for me and how it all turned out.

So there I was with my final decision, at work, in a private room, calling the number, about to order sperm with my credit card! Totally crazy and not something I EVER thought I would be doing. I inquired about my donor and found out there were TWO vials left! TWO! WHAT?

Well I guess I’m buying TWO then! So I did. And guess what!? It only took one–only one to make BOTH of my beautiful girls (two separate pregnancies, 2 1/2 years apart).

I started this whole process of IVF in August of 2012 and I was pregnant by October of 2012, with one embryo implanted (I didn’t want twins).

Success! My daughter was born at 37 weeks in June of 2013, perfect and an absolute dream come true. Words cannot even describe the joy and immense blessing I felt when I held her in my arms for the first time. I have so much gratitude to her donor for his gift to us! He is an identity disclosure donor, and while the choice will be all on my girls’, I do hope they choose to know his name and reach out to him when they are old enough. I really would like to give him the hug and praise he deserves for being part of giving me my girls, my dreams!

The minute they handed me my first daughter I knew in my heart I’d be doing the process again.

I knew in my heart that another child would complete our family. My second daughter (same donor) was born in November of 2015—another miracle and blessing.

My girls are now 4 and 2. They are the joy and light of my life! We now have a wonderful man in our life as well; I will be engaged to him soon and we will have a larger family full of even more love! It all could not have worked out more perfectly. God DOES always have a plan! Always!

Without Xytex and their donor, I would not have the joy I have in my life now.

We also are in touch with many of my girls’ half siblings through an online community, and it is a wonderful source that I know will be a fantastic “go to” for our family for many, many years to come!

I love my story and tell it often with pride! It takes a lot of strength and bravery to do what I did. Motherhood is not an easy journey and even harder for the single mother. Surrounding yourself with a supportive community is the key!

Thank you Xytex for your relationship with our donor. We look forward to years from now when we get to learn his name and reach out to express our many, many thanks!

Much love and gratitude,
Molly C.