A Family That Needs This More Than Anything “I’m thankful for my donor because he is giving me a chance to bring another life into the world. I lost my son October 29th of last year, at 4 months old, due to a genetic disorder that caused him to have cardiomyopathy. My husband and I knew we wanted another baby but knew we would run a 50/50 chance of having another. Read More

Meet another one of our fabulous Xytex clients, JR Silver, and his beautiful family. JR has recently published a book “Sharing Seeds.” It is the first children’s book about IVF that focuses on a family’s donor sperm journey, told in a traditional and light-hearted way, brought to life by some beautiful illustrations. It’s the perfect donor sperm children’s book for parents to read to and with their children, whether conceived via sperm. Read More

We only got 1 egg. I cry. I think, “no way this is going to make it through a biopsy & freezing.” It does. It’s a perfect embryo, AND it’s a boy. I think, “he’s not going to make it through the transfer.” He does. I think, “there’s no way I’m pregnant.” I WAS. Meet Jessica, a single mother by choice: As the head of the fabric dept. at a scenic company. Read More

I am about to start trying for baby #2 in January – which has already been a journey! After connecting with other donor siblings, I found one last vial from Louise’s donor. The vial has been shipped from Canada to the US and is waiting for my 1st IVF cycle in a few short weeks. Wish us luck! I have always known that I wanted to be a mother. My father was diagnosed. Read More

You may have to make a few compromises, but with Xytex’s vast variety, there won’t be many! You’ll know when you’ve found the right one. We both instantly knew he was THE ONE & stopped looking. When you do find someone you love, don’t wait. Vials get snatched up quickly! We’re the Hahns, a happily married same-sex couple from Charlotte, NC. I’m a Realtor & my wife is a pro Real Estate. Read More

Ultimately, we chose Xytex because it seemed like the best fit for us, and we liked that they place limits on the family units per donor. Because they came recommended by friends, we also felt more comfortable choosing to work with them. My wife and I live in the US, and our Xytex journey began in 2018. We had a pretty routine experience trying to get pregnant, thankfully – although we did. Read More

Our advice to others is that what may be perfect for one person may not be perfect for another. Decide what’s important to you and search, but be realistic as the “perfect” human doesn’t exist. We live outside of Atlanta, Georgia, in a town called Grantville. My wife works at the Atlanta airport as an aviation maintenance technician, and I work remotely as a premium auditor. We have been married since 8-18-18.. Read More

We first learned about Xytex at Atlanta Pride in 2017, and immediately knew that was the bank we wanted to use. They have a diverse selection of donors and are reasonably priced. I recommend Xytex to everyone. Kayla and I have been married for 4.5 years. I work for Alabama Fertility Specialist, the clinic that gave us our perfect girl. My wife, Kayla, is a correctional officer in Georgia. We live in. Read More

After completing our purchase in November 2017, we got the ok to start inseminating in January 2018. It took 4 months, but our daughter was born on 12/31/18. We had 2 vials left in storage & decided in August 2018 to get a referral to try for number 2. We got the ok to go ahead with insemination in March 2020 & the day before I ovulated, the clinic closed due to. Read More

We’d recommend Xytex because we loved that we could get a response quickly, especially when emailing from so far away. “My partner ( Brenda ) & I live in Singapore & manage a balloon company together. We’ve been together for 16 years now & have always wanted to start our family right from the beginning. I believe we began our journey in 2019, but the journey to having a baby started way. Read More